Demo 2017


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released January 17, 2017

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by JINX

Artwork by Matt Botvin

Logo/Layout by Augie

Photo by Todd Pollock

Dedicated to King Notch



all rights reserved


JINX Weymouth, Massachusetts

Sean - drums

Justin - Bass

Matt - Guitar & vocals

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Track Name: Melt Away
I'm bored and apathetic
I don't enjoy the things I like
Stare at the TV for shock therapy
No motivation
No Inspiration
No reason to get out of bed today

Peel my skin off
Watch it melt away
Brain is beating
but I don't feel a thing
Heart is racing
Maybe I'll get some sleep today
But it didn't work out that way

I'm confused and lazy
I hide behind my anxiety
Brain flooded with dopamine
Shell of a boy I used to be
Looking for a future I can't see
Track Name: Brain Sick
Six more and I'll hit the floor
Blackout bad and forget the past
Reality is getting trashed
Fill the gaps that hold me back

Shell of a boy I used to be
Prisoner of anxiety
I used to be so fucking happy
What happened to me

Spend my days lost in a haze
Try not to think at all
Euphoric day dreams seem so real
Brain sick with no intention to feel
Track Name: Moment
Forgive and forget
Seems easier than it is
You're just a trigger
For a week of anti depressants
I want to give up
Seems easier than this
You're bad for me
Like this pack of cigarettes

I can't shake this feeling
That I'm just a moment

Long drives
Don't cure disease in my brain
The one you left
When you went away
The lines in the road
They just fade away
Like the shit you give about me

Crash my car into the tension
Got caught up in indecision
I've been keeping this a secret
I don't want to be a moment

Don't want to be a moment
Don't want to be a moment
Don't want to be a moment
Don't want to be a moment
Track Name: American Beauty
Give me something to believe in
Old colors bleed for a new generation
The beauty behind the statues of mankind
Make it hard to feel safe in the wake of all the lies

Senseless violence
Red button politics

Just another American Beauty
Behind the walls are corruption and greed
Feed the fire that fuels my motivation
I won't ever follow in their lead

Selling fear and hate to inspire and protect
Buried dreams by a gifted architect
Be strong move on revenge is the best weapon
Emotion Regulation with anger and frustration